The best yoga mat for kids

Kindergie created a kids yoga mat with a special design to easily teach yoga to children.

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Teaching Design for Kids

Special design with animal shapes to teach yoga poses to children. This child size yoga mat is perfect to explain "feet on the mountain, hands on the cat", instead of "left" and "right". This yoga mat for children was designed and tested with 100+ kids at Kindergie Yoga studio in Zürich, Switzerland.

For Boys & Girls, 2 to 7 years-old

Perfectly adapted to introduce kids to yoga, for toddler, preschooler and children from 2 to 7 years old. A FREE yoga poses poster comes with the mat to teach by using comprehensible shapes and known animals. A new way to make Yoga with mummy fun!

Available Worldwide

This yoga mat for boys and girls is available at Amazon US and Amazon Germany. Prime delivery, within 48 hours, anywhere in the US and in Europe. Fast and reliable.


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Get the FREE kids yoga poses poster with your purchase.

Download the 8 yoga poses chart and use the animal shapes on the mat to help your child remember them easily.

Yoga Mat for Preschoolers

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